Urban Game Changers


“Holding Elective Officials Accountable and Ourselves” 

Within the Urban, Suburban and Rural Grassroots Communities of America 

Urban Game Changers is a 501(c)3 non-profit nationwide grassroots organization founded in 2011. 



Our grassroots and social media platform currently has a global reach of over 5 million. 

Our leadership team collectively has over 50 years of relevance in the urban conservative ideological space. 

UGC viewpoints are effective within all facets of life within the Black community.  

We are the #1 Conservative organization “changing the game” in the Black community. 

We are a group of strategic community based multicultural consultants 

with one common goal: We address the REAL issues that others are afraid to face head on.



Uniting people who want to impact positive change in their communities through economic opportunities, self improvement, self awareness and self empowerment.

We strive to give a VOICE to every day people that feel powerless and voiceless. 

Voices that ROAR from neighborhood to neighborhood into self-sustained communities that thrive and SOAR.



In 2019 we will commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Blacks in America, as the Descendants of Slaves, with the theme: “Blood Sweat and Tears”: 400 years of Black Life in America.