Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt Debate ranks as one of the premier programs in the country. The team consists of three components: competitive teams, public events, and on-campus policy debates.

Competitive teams travel to national and international tournaments and debate against other schools from around the world. Currently, Vanderbilt competes in British Parliamentary Debate and the Civic Debate Conference. Recently, competitive teams were finalists at tournaments hosted by Morehouse College and the United States Air Force Academy. Last weekend, Vanderbilt traveled to Bogota, Colombia, where us and our partners from la Sociedad de Debate de la Universidad del Rosario won the tournament.

Vanderbilt also participates in several public debate events throughout the year, such as hosting international teams, public debates, and presidential debate watch parties. The team also works with partners in the community, such as local elementary and high schools, to coach students, judge debates, and organize tournaments. We also have an on-campus policy debate program that gives students in-depth experience addressing specific policy questions.

Debater Bios:

Reagan Massey is a sophomore at Vanderbilt University majoring in Computer Science. Originally from Wake Forest, NC, she has been a member of the debate team for two years. She was recently a finalist at the Morehouse College debate tournament.

Erich Remiker is a senior at Vanderbilt, where he studies Physics and Economics. He’s been debating for 7 years in various formats. Among his debate accomplishments, he was on the Illinois All-State congressional debate team in high school, he has won college tournaments from Miami to Seattle, and he most recently coached a team to a win in Bogotá, Colombia. After college, he intends to attend Law School.