After getting laid off from a large tech company four years ago, Bay Area artist Jonathan Crow decided to reinvent his life in the most rational way possible: he picked up a pen and began drawing portraits of every single U.S. vice president with an octopus on his head. His insane project has been written up in BuzzFeed, Boingboing, i09, Huffington Post and other sites. For some reason, it struck a chord and a bunch of people gave him money on Kickstarter to turn the portraits into a single volume called Veeptopus: 48 Vice Presidents with Octopuses on Their Heads. Life is funny.

“Remember how you wanted to see every U.S. vice president with an octopus on his head?” – Chris Cillizza

“You know what would’ve made [the Vice Presidential debates] better? Octopuses on the candidates’ heads.” – C/Net

“Bless you, Jonathan, for giving us the gift of Veeptopus.” – Buzzfeed, foreign film screenings and high-level conferences. It also has an outreach program to bring in public high school students to events. LAWAC members are part of a vibrant, globally-minded community that cares deeply about international affairs and current events.