Versha Sharma

Versha Sharma is the Managing Editor of NowThis, where she leads the NowThis Election team in producing daily coverage of the 2016 election. She joined NowThis in July 2014 when the company was averaging nearly 1 million monthly video views, and has overseen the newsroom’s growth to nearly 2 billion monthly video views as of May 2016. Versha interviewed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for NowThis and was a key producer on a NowThis original series with Vice President Joe Biden about gun reform.

Before NowThis, Versha covered domestic and international politics for Vocativ, where she did a mix of print reporting and produced video on topics ranging from Russia and Ukraine to Harry Potter and Doctor Who. She also went to Chicago to produce and interview young kids and teenagers for a video series on gang and gun violence.

 Versha polished her U.S. political reporting chops at Talking Points Memo from 2009-2012 and MSNBC for the 2012 presidential election. She’s excited and only slightly terrified of what might happen at the conventions this summer.