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Jen Taub’s guests include writers of current bestsellers and beloved backlist books. Conversations cover love, money, politics, early dreams, writing habits, reading tastes, procrastination techniques, self-doubt, and news of the day.

Creator and host, Jen Taub is a law professor, advocate, and author. Her nonfiction books include BIG DIRTY MONEY (Viking 2020) and OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES (Yale Press 2014). She focuses on “follow the money” matters— promoting transparency and opposing corruption.


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July 16, 2023   ·  1:28:00

If you want to know more about our robot AI overlords, today’s the day to listen. Jen’s guest today, famous shitposter and accomplished law and philosophy professor Scott Shapiro can talk you (and Jen) off the ledge.

Kathy Griffin is back, bitches!

July 9, 2023   ·  1:06:04

Comedian Kathy Griffin is Jen’s guest. They cover everything from her life on the D-List to her cameo in Pulp Fiction (while she was dating Quentin Tarantino) to how Donald Trump tried to destroy her, to her SOLD OUT show in Las Vegas at the Mirage. Plus her friendship with Stevie Nicks.

A MINOR REVOLUTION with Adam Benforado

July 2, 2023   ·  1:08:28

Best-selling author Adam Benforado believes those  younger than 18 should have the right to vote in the next presidential election. In this conversation about his new book, Adam boldly advocates for enfranchisement and other rights for minors.

Mary Trump and E. Jean Carroll on their Backstory Serial book club

June 25, 2023   ·  1:01:44

Mary Trump and E. Jean Carroll joined Jen today to talk about their very own “book club,” namely their collaboration on Backstory Serial, their platform on substack where Mary is publishing her serialized romance novel called THE ITALIAN LESSON.

Judy Gold on YES, I CAN SAY THAT

June 18, 2023   ·  1:16:07

They kvetched, they kvelled, they talked about Hitler. Naturally. What did you expect? This week Jen’s guest is two-time Emmy-Award winning comedian author of Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come for the Comedians, We Are All in Trouble.

ACCEPTANCE by David L. Marcus

June 11, 2023   ·  1:08:03

Jen speaks with Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist David Marcus about his uplifting book Acceptance: A Legendary Guidance Counselor Helps Seven Kids Find the Right Colleges –– and Find Themselves.


June 4, 2023   ·  

Jen speaks with David de Jong, author of a mindblowing narrative nonfiction book Nazi Billionaires: The Dark History of Germany’s Wealthiest Dynasties. 

Maggie Smith: You Could Make This Place Beautiful: A Memoir

May 28, 2023   ·  1:06:54

This week, we have something different for our book club. The author herself. Poet Maggie Smith is here with mutual friend Charlotte Clymer to talk about Maggie’s tell-most bestselling memoir You Could Make This Place Beautiful.

Steve Vladeck on THE SHADOW DOCKET

May 21, 2023   ·  1:14:48

This week Jen’s guest is Professor Steve Vladeck, author of the sensational new book: The Shadow Docket: How the Supreme Court Uses Stealth Rulings to Amass Power and Undermine the Republic.

Ben Smith on TRAFFIC

May 14, 2023   ·  1:05:31

Ben Smith’s hot new book TRAFFIC takes a close look at the people and patterns behind the click-bait-journalism-world that helped inflate Donald Trump but also renewed our faith in humanity with an endless supply of baby-animal rescue videos.