Booked Up with Jen Taub: Intimate Interviews with Nonfiction Authors

Jen Taub’s guests include writers of current bestsellers and beloved backlist books. Conversations cover love, money, politics, early dreams, writing habits, reading tastes, procrastination techniques, self-doubt, and news of the day.

Creator and host, Jen Taub is a law professor, advocate, and author. Her nonfiction books include BIG DIRTY MONEY (Viking 2020) and OTHER PEOPLE’S HOUSES (Yale Press 2014). She focuses on “follow the money” matters— promoting transparency and opposing corruption.

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Trae Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester on Round Here And Over Yonder

October 22, 2023   ·  1:07:49

Join Jen for a laugh-out-loud conversation with the fabulous comedians, Trae Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester authors of Round Here and Over Yonder: A Front Porch Travel Guide by Two Progressive Hillbillies (Yes, that’s a thing.)


October 15, 2023   ·  1:05:15

Is crypto one big Ponzi scheme? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Listen in on Jen’s conversation with Zeke Faux to find out.

MICHAEL LEWIS on Going Infinite

October 8, 2023   ·  1:03:19

Jen Taub and Michael Lewis talk about indicted crypto-wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). Michael suggests he ran his businesses like an absent-minded parent setting up an Easter Egg hunt without making note of how many and where the eggs were.


October 1, 2023   ·  

Dr. Helen Fry’s new book Women in Intelligence is filled with intrigue hidden in plain sight. Spies recruited at cafés, ordinary women bicycling around town passing along messages to help the Allies, secret codes knit into jumpers (that’s the British English word for what we Americans call sweaters).

TUCKER with Rick Wilson and Martin Pengelly

September 24, 2023   ·  1:05:11

Sometimes you’ve got to take one for the team. That’s what we did this week for the Booked Up Book Club when we read and discussed TUCKER by Chadwick Moore. You’re welcome.

ALI VELSHI: Banned Book Club

September 17, 2023   ·  1:02:26

Ali Velshi of MSNBC is also the host of the podcast Velshi Banned Book Club. And, in keeping with the focus of Booked Up, Ali is a nonfiction author himself. He wrote Gimme My Money Back and co-authored  How to Speak Money.

Hadley Vlahos, THE IN-BETWEEN

September 10, 2023   ·  1:00:31

Sweet, smart, and socia-media saavy, Nurse Hadley Vlahos is Jen’s guest on Booked Up. Through her hospice care and compelling book  The In-Between: Unforgettable Encounters During Life’s Final Moments, Hadley is helping educate all of us on how to have a more meaningful transition from this world to wherever and whatever awaits us beyond.

LAWYER, JAILER, ALLY, FOE with Eric Muller

September 3, 2023   ·  1:19:42

Eric L. Muller is Jen’s guest today. He’s the author of the provocative and very original new book,  LAWYER, JAILER, ALLY, FOE about the role of attorneys in the concentration camps in America where the U.S. government held Japanese-Americans captive during World War II.

Trump Booked Up Club with Jill Wine-Banks and Morgan Cloud

August 27, 2023   ·  1:14:22

Jill Wine-Banks and Morgan Cloud discuss the state criminal law charges brought against Donald Trump by Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis for racketeering and more in connection with his failed efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Connie Schultz: She’s every genre

August 20, 2023   ·  56:50

What makes Connie Schultz so special is that she is one of those women who lifts as she rises. A true friend who is there for you in your moments of doubt and your moments of joy. All of her brilliance and humanity come through this episode of Booked Up.