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Goodbye Tucker #NerdAvengers

April 26, 2023

In This Episode:

Mary Trump assembles #NerdAvengers Cliff Schechter, Dahlia Lithwick, Brian Karem, Danielle Moodie, Waj Ali, Norm Ornstein, and Jennifer Rubin to lay out the corruption of the Supreme Court, the fixes it needs, and how to move the cause of civil rights forward.  Then, they take on the dangerous influence of monopolistic Right wing media on our politics, celebrate Tucker’s departure from Fox, and explore how to appeal to the next generation.


The Mary Trump Show On Tour

We are going on tour!!!!  The Mary Trump Show will be recording the podcast live with the #NerdAvengers

  • May 7 –  The House Of Blues In Chicago
  • May 9  – Cobbs Comedy Club In San Francisco
  • May 10  – Aladdin Theater In Portland Or
  • May 16  – Gramercy Theatre In New York City

Go to politicon.com/tour for tickets.


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This Week’s Guests:

Norm Ornstein: Twitter | AEI | The Atlantic | Author | Defense of Insanity Documentary 

Brian Karem: Twitter | Just Ask The Question Podcast | Author 

Danielle Moodie: Twitter | Woke AF Daily | DCP Entertainment | Daily Beast | Democracy-ish | Medium | TikTok | The New Abnormal Podcast

Jennifer Rubin: Twitter | WaPo | Author of “Resistance: How Women Saved Democracy From Donald Trump”

Dahlia Lithwick: Twitter | Slate | NewsWeek | Amicus Podcast | UVA Law | Author of “Lady Justice” & Other Books

Wajahat Ali: Twitter | Daily Beast | Website | | Democracy-ish | Author of “Go Back To Where You Came From”

Cliff Schechter: Twitter | Blue Amp Strategies | YouTube | UnPresidented Podcast | Author 


Get More From Mary Trump:

Twitter | Substack | Author of “The Reckoning” & “Too Much and Never Enough”

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