October 21

Equality Hall

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

As a sexual assaulter is sworn onto the Supreme Court (by another sexual assaulter who holds the keys to the White House), as families continue to be separated at the southern US border, as tens of thousands of Black voters are disenfranchised in Georgia, as the killings of Black people by police continue with impunity, and as White supremacist violence against Black people soars, there is a call by those people who hold power for “civility” by those who are under constant attack. A blind eye is turned to the “uncivilized” way in which Black folks, Brown folks, and poor folks are treated. Instead, Black protest is criminalized. This is a resistance panel, made up of #BlackLivesMatter organizers and supporters who assert that oppressed people have a right to rage and that “civility won’t save us.”