The Mary Trump Show

The Mary Trump Show’ is the essential podcast hosted by polemicist and best-selling author, Mary Trump, discussing politics, pop culture and everything in between with her unique perspective and irreverent humour.

Mary’s unfiltered view on the week’s events leverages her insider knowledge and valued relationships. The podcast features special guests each week to join Mary for an in-depth, lively discussion with fun and laughter along the way.




FFS Merrick Garland

January 18, 2023   ·  1:08:32

Mary Trump convenes the #NerdAvengers to fire off on Merrick Garland, with a look at the failures of our media and how to fight against the learned helplessness holding us back.

Chaos! #NerdAvengers

January 11, 2023   ·  1:23:15

Mary Trump brings together the #NerdAvengers to discuss the rogue Republicans holding our country captive, the collusion between politicians and journalists, and how to protect democracy.

Loser Kevin

January 6, 2023   ·  1:14:11

Mary Trump calls upon the #NerdAvengers to pick apart the Republicans’ pathetic attempt to choose the next Speaker of the House and lay out what their impotence means for the country.

Happy New Year #NerdAvengers

January 4, 2023   ·  1:54:37

To kick off 2023, Mary Trump brings on a crew of #NerdAvengers to discuss the Republican Party’s extremism and livestream their disastrous attempts to elect McCarthy as their speaker.

Jennifer Rubin

December 30, 2022   ·  50:31

Mary Trump welcomes Jennifer Rubin to celebrate the decline of Donald, explore how to overcome our country’s anti-democratic original sins, and find reasons for optimism in 2023.

Clairvoyant #NerdAvengers

December 28, 2022   ·  1:12:50

Mary Trump rings in 2023 with the #NerdAvengers by picking apart the big lie, then analyzing how to use the J6 report, the perils posed by the SCOTUS, and surviving the post truth era.

Live In Los Angeles! #NerdAvengers

December 23, 2022   ·  1:30:22

Mary Trump takes the #NerdAvengers to the stage live in Los Angeles to discuss the state of the nation, the criminal referrals targeting Donald, and to find out who is the nerdiest of them all.

The Final J6 Committee Hearing #NerdAvengers

December 21, 2022   ·  

The J6 Committee is back!  That means Mary Trump hosts the #NerdAvengers to cover the latest developments– including the criminal referral of Donald– while they watch it with you.

Ask Mary Anything Within Reason Holiday Special

December 16, 2022   ·  52:02

Mary Trump takes on criticism, fires off on Donald’s pathetic venture into playing cards, and answers your submitted questions on the pressing issues facing us going into 2023.

Boo-Urns #NerdAvengers

December 14, 2022   ·  1:08:14

Mary Trump summons the #NerdAvengers to discuss the need to bring in young and passionate leadership, the increase of bigotry led by billionaires, and how to return power to the people.

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