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Book Club: The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

December 25, 2022

In This Episode:

We kvetched, we laughed, we cried. Never-Trumper George Conway and advice columnist E. Jean Carroll puzzled over Jen’s selection for this month’s book, but were quickly won over by THE LIGHT WE CARRY after just a few pages. In fact, George now plans to read BECOMING. Ivan Lett encouraged us all to share the light we carry and appreciated the message about being yourself. In the words of First Lady Michelle Obama, “We only hurt ourselves when we hide our realness away.” Lisa Birnbach helped us see the value in self-forgiveness.

Jen and Ivan agreed that when they go low, we don’t go high, we light to get down into the mud and fight. That said, we found so much value in the advice in THE LIGHT WE CARRY. Many passages were read aloud, including one on knitting by E. Jean, and an amusing bit about President Obama’s parenting style. Michelle wrote, “When [Sasha and Malia]  moved to California, he emailed them a lengthy article about earthquake preparedness and offered to have Secret Service give them a natural-disaster-response briefing. (This was met with a polite, ‘No thanks.’)”


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