Jen Rubin’s Green Room

The Conspiracy To End America with Stuart Stevens

November 7, 2023

In This Episode:

Jen is joined by author and veteran political consultant Stuart Stevens to take a journey through the evolution of the Republican party towards authoritarianism under Trump.  They explain how it became dominated by white grievance and the religious right by forgoing policy solutions that could attract minorities, women, and young people in favor of conspiracy and control.  Jen and Stuart believe it was possible because Republican party leaders capitulated to the MAGA movement for power and the hope of getting their preferred policies without compromise– eroding our democracy.  To save it, they lay out what it will take to reclaim the principles essential to freedom, and make the argument that restoring democracy is the only issue that should decide elections when the alternative is conceding to one party rule.  Will 2024 be the turning point?

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Twitter | The Lincoln Project | Website | Author of “The Conspiracy To End America” & Other Books

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