30 May.

#SistersInLaw 2024 Tour Press Recap

#SistersInLaw embarked on a short tour in Chicago, Detroit and Boston in May, garnering some great press.

NBC Boston with Kimberly Atkins Stohr

Detroit News preview with Barb McQuade
Michigan Chronicle preview with Kimberly Atkins Stohr
The Detroit Jewish News preview with Jill Wine-Banks
Lawdragon.com preview with Barb McQuade
Masslive.com preview with Joyce Vance
Thirdcoastreview.com review of Chicago
“Four seasoned legal minds – all MSNBC commentators—have joined forces, like a Justice League of all Wonder Women, to discuss America’s pressing legal issues with plenty of fodder in this bumper crop season of political criminality.”

Broadwayworld.com Review of Detroit

“These women bring a powerful presence to the rooms they fill.”

“The crowd was loving every word that came from these feminist icons.”