Lisa Simpson 2020 with The Purple Party

Lisa “IDKYBILY” Simpson is a 2020 US Presidential write-in candidate running on her United Human Race Party platform. The UHRP has joined forces with The Purple Party platform as both parties believe in the transcendence of partisan politics, the de-politicization of civic engagement and the unification of all political and social ideologies into a harmonious cooperative that uses the philosophical, medicinal and spiritual foundations of peace and love to bring about the change Americans really want that our political system is too inept and corrupt to provide: less struggle.

Lisa “IDKYBILY” Simpson is an omni-partisan, omni-religious peace and love humanitarian. Her platform is based on the global pop culture demand for Lisa Simpson to run against Donald Trump, as predicted in the March 2000 Simpsons episode “Bart To The Future” where Lisa Simpson grows up to win the Presidency after a Donald Trump term in office.

Having 20 years of political and social movement experience, working in Washington, DC, and running her own non-profit to end racism, this was the perfect opportunity to take all her unorthodox philosophical conjectures and channel them into an unorthodox campaign. Despite the unorthodoxy, the seriousness, sincerity and belief is fully present as she legally changed her name to Lisa Simpson in order to establish her commitment to help Americans “struggle less and love more”.

The Purple Party is planning a “Purple Party Parade” at the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention.

The participants in this parade are citizens and organizations ready to transcend the divisive nature of partisan politics and focus solely on solutions. We do not speak of blame, create enemies, or demonize actions. It is a day of celebration for the innovative and creative solutions that exist and will be a day of inspiration to create new ones.