Sam Seder

Sam Seder is a political talk show host and commentator. Seder was named a 2017 Webby Award Honoree for his work on the daily, political podcast, The Majority Report with Sam Seder. He also hosts Ring of Fire Radio heard on weekends in 45 cities across the country. Seder is a MSNBC contributor and his 400k subscriber YouTube Channel is a member of the The Young Turks Network. Seder has appeared on all of the major cable channels and has guest substituted hosted for Keith Olbermann and Chris Hayes. Recently, Mike Cernovich got him fired but it didn’t stick, so in the end, everyone had fun.

In an earlier life, Seder was an actor, writer and director working with comedians such as Sarah Silverman, H. Jon Benjamin and Marc Maron. He has directed Gary Busey, appeared in Sex In The City and currently voices “Hugo the Health Inspector”, a re-occurring voice on Fox’s animated hit, Bob’s Burgers.